Friday, 8 November 2013

Wind up doll

So for Halloween this year, I thought I'd make a proper effort (usually I go for a standard witch, usually missing an essential piece of costume such as the broom) and put together my own costume #DIY

Wind up doll

I thought the key turned out quite well despite my limited sewing skills and the fact I'd made it from the cardboard from a dominoes takeaway pizza box (can you get more like a student?!) and painted it black. I'll just say now I did not anticipate the rain that came on the night (I do not want to speak about #traumatictimes)

So anyway I sewed the key onto a lace dress that I already owned, and bought some face paint, stripy socks and headband to complete the spookiness..

I was tempted to just move robotically all night and just freak everyone out

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